Our Work


Music festivals are a serious problems for the environment. Single-use constructions affect resources. At Geomante we focus on creating stages and installations that are friendly to the environment. Using recyclable and reusable material.

Eco Building

An Eco-house  is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Our goal is to build with the least environmental impact using natural material that we can find in the area,

Art  Projects

We have had the opportunity to make art installations in public places, we love sharing architecture and art mixed with nature

Social Impact

We want to spread values, love and respect for nature to humankind, as humans we need to relearn how to connect and co-work with nature not against nature. We love to participate in social impact projects where we can share what we know and keep learning from others.



IXIM (2017 - 2018)

Inspired by the God of corn “maize”, named in many Mayan texts, one of them the Popol Vuh, the Quiché Mayan book of creation, mainly divided in 3 parts or chapters, the inspiration comes particularly in the history of the creation of the man of corn or “maize”, where it describes when the Gods first try to create man with wood sticks, later on with mud and at the end they try with different type of corn, white and yellow. The traditional Mayas recognize in their staple crop, maize, a vital force with which they strongly identify. This is clearly shown by their mythological traditions. These is a co creation design with Italian visionary organic artist SELVA BHAIRAV. All element exhibit in this album were made in collaboration of volunteers, thank you all who made it possible, great job all of you, weavers, designers, carpenters, music artist, altar people, VJ! a todos Gracias! Maxi K. Ing Malcka Martínez Bwosky Bit Felicia Sörman Jose Mario Il Mattiá Escargòt Ludovico Sashlah Benji Essential Yona Neville Anastasia Shvab Toto Pal Tit Marcin Grabski Ka Imix Kaisa Fuchs Silver Olde Alexander Montes Colibrí Solar Robin Aude Tiberio Simone Vicente Cchipir Scrich Cuc Gerson Poz.

IXCHEL (2016-17)

Cosmic Convergence Festival The design of the stage and shade intends to commemorate the Mayan Goddess IXCHEL These is a co creation design with Italian visionary organic artist Selva Bhairavi The elements exhibit in this album were built in collaboration with different artist, this document credits the coordinator for each element. Mayan great Goddess of love, pregnancy, medicine, textile work and the moon, protector of women during childbirth. Project Manager and Organic weaving and Element Mandalas: SELVA BHAIRAVI 7 / 13 Shade, DNA Kundalini Tower and Stage Structure: Jose Rodrigo Chavez Geomante Skull design and sculpture: Broll Jholl Marrallo Building and weaving bamboo consultancy: Sofaerie Da Floresta Encantada Top Snake: Alexander Tenia y Andrea Di Paoli The bamboo structure, deco and shade were design modular with the idea to be re use in other editions of the festival. Modular Shade #7 #13 Geometric configuration bamboo structure, divided in 7 main axels and 13 spaces. Each element exhibit in the shade represent a number and its energy characteristics. DNA Kundalini Tower Heart tower, the origin, DNA core. Thanks to everyone who participate in the build, design, visuals, artists, musicians, weavers, dancers. 

Eco Building 

IC Corazones en Acción  (2018)

Hearts in Action Guatemala wanted a design proposal for the new Internet Cafe (IC) located next to existent Compu Lab and Dinner room buildings in their school project deep in the jungle in San Andrés, Petén, Guatemala. The project idea is to join the existent elements through the new IC structure, pedestrian pathways and gardens. The needs for this design proposal modify from the actual Internet Cafe building to a tortilla hut, Phase Two for the existent Compu lab building, and the proper connection between all elements. Most of the materials are locally source and follow the vernacular construction of Petén. The roof was design to collect rain water storage underground the IC structure. The building has start, we are happy and thanksful to be part of the design and building consultancy for this project

Nativos  (2017-2018)


Phase No1 under construction

The Nativos project is a thematic ecological center that seeks to exhibit the local bio construction and vegetation of different areas of the world. This idea is the product of the talks held with the client. Each area will have a main element and its function will be related to the culture of the countries or regions that it represents. The areas of the world that are chosen are those that share the same line of the Tropic of Cancer and Ecuador.

Escalopendra  (2017)


The 45 meter bridge objective was to connect the social area of the festival with Main Stage, the concept idea was to do it with recycle and organic materials and to recreate a creature worm like (Escalopendra). The concept was to make not only a bridge but for the one who is walking to have and experience with the river, to rest and enjoy the view.


Materials Base: Recycle truck tire.

Floor: local recycle and new wood planks

Deco: Local branches

Colaborations: José Manuel Blanco Rodríguez Eduardo Brey Fontán


Thanks Thanks to all the crew and team from Lost Theory Festival for the opportunity, trust and experience. Hope we ll meet again. Thanks to everyone who help us built this worm like creature.

Art Projects

Túnel de los sentidos (2018)



The main goal of this art installation was to experience and perceive art with more than one sense. See, smell, hear and touch, through a sensory tunnel 30 meters in diameter, made with Guadua and Asper type bamboo, decorated with bamboo tubers, flowers, leaves and seeds of local plants and palms of Guatemala City and Petén.

Tetradactil (2018)



Creature like art installation, made with recycle material from past festival edition, the Concept is inspire by Solid Platonics, a 3D volumen that has each faces same regular polygon and same number of polygons meet at each vertex, and art

movement call Deconstructivisim, movement of postmodern architecture which gives the impression of the fragmentation of the constructed building.

Social Impact

Bio Construction Journey


Part of the objective of the workshop is to support the local indigenous community of San Pablo la Laguna. After the festival, the structures made will be re-adapted to build eco-houses for economically disadvantaged families in the indigenous rural town of San Pablo La Laguna. The structure will be design and build with the aim and purpose to be re use and easy to build up and down (modular and mobile)

This workshop was made in collaboration with Cosmic Convergence Festival, Ecoescuela Comunidad and Agostino Giannetti.