Who We Are

Geomante is a platform that brings together creative people who are involved in projects related to art, architecture, bio construction and recycling. Inspired by Nature, Geometry and Geomancy.

What We Do

Geomante offers a wide range of creative ideas, services,  expertise and different options of contracting. We develope projects from the conception idea to the construction and installation of the structure, environments and permanent building. 

Our services:


Architectural design

Sustainability and green architecture design 

Bio construction, wood and bamboo carpentery, stone masonary & earth building.

Art & music stage design.

Consultation services

Planning management and supervisor

Mesurement survey & drawings

Graphic & branding.

Training & workshops.



Co-Working Projects

These are projects where we've had the honor of being invited to particpate and share knowledge, we thank TRIBE LAB, AMBIENTO and Cosmic Converges for making us part of this wonderful projects that help us to be better human beigns.  We want to thanks all the volunteers, hard workers, guides, and the local communities for being part of these projects.

Past Events

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